Network and Security

Hackers and data theft have become two of the greatest threats to business today. Pantheon can make sure you have the right network security solutions protecting your business from outside attack. Partnering with both Cisco and Watchguard, we work with everything from cost-effective SMB firewalls to robust security appliances with high throughput, Intrusion Protection Services, and secure VPN capabilities.

Pantheon believes that a multi-layered approach to security provides your business with a higher level of protection; so we also offer services like Managed Anti-Virus, Managed Patching, Managed SPAM, Email Attachment Scanning, DNS Filtering and more.  We even offer 24/7 monitoring of your firewall so we can respond to hacking attempts as they are occurring.

In addition to outside threats, there are a large number of security risks that originate from inside your network. Pantheon partners with clients to create policies to protect their network and helps them enforce those policies using internet content filtering, application control, and more.


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