Backup and Recovery


Without your business data, you may not have a business at all. Pantheon has multi-level plans to fit any business’s backup and recovery needs. These plans encompass both on-site data backup and off-site data storage, as well as industry-leading backup software and storage devices. Whether you need the ability to spin up a backup server immediately or have more modest recovery needs, Pantheon can help you pick the right plan for your business.

All businesses need the reassurance that should a disaster strike, they can be back up and working as quickly as possible. Pantheon can help you determine if your business needs to create an official Disaster Recovery Plan or if you simply need to keep some spare pieces of key hardware on hand. Whatever level of business continuity plan you desire, Pantheon will partner with you to complete its successful implementation.

There is a big difference between thinking you have a good backup and knowing you have a backup you can depend on if disaster strikes. Pantheon will help you evaluate your backup and recovery plan and then test it so you know you have a solution that you can depend on.


  • Image level backup locally and offsite
  • Office 365 backup services
  • Cyber Security Insurance

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